An amazing live Hip-Hop performance that will HYPE the dance floor. Our crew includes professional Street Dancers and Break Dancers who perform choreographed routines. The show will put the mitzvah child at the center of the event. Showtime: 10 min.  * The mitzvah boy/ girl can perform with dance crew (rehearsals requires).  After the performance, our street dancers can interact and engage or lead the guests (with emphasis on the kids) and encourage them to fill the whole dance floor in order to create a fantastic atmosphere. With their power moves, intricate footwork and freezes, break dancers are an awesome addiction to your Bar Mitzvah celebration Our crew will make all the children enjoy a once in a lifetime party. Showtime: up to 45 min.  We have been providing dancers for Bar Mitzvah parties around the world for over 22 years. Our experienced database of dancers know exactly how to interact, engage and entertain. We have male and female Bar mitzvah dancers all of whom understand the format of such a celebration.