כל הזכויות שמורות לשמוליקים 2016    | עיצוב גרפי: רון ידלין

Our Story

Two decades ago, Shmulik Goldbrener (the founder of Shmulikim) came to understand that a perfect party does not only lie in the hands of a good DJ, some alcohol, and a couple of young folks that will get the party started… A perfect, unforgettable party is one that makes sure every guest is included and having an amazing time. That connected feeling of pure party bliss can only be achieved with a series of values and themes that we have come to know expertly.  Over the years, we have developed a unique method, and have continuously sought the best dancers out there. Rigorous training, and an undying love for people and togetherness, combined with our unbeatable method will cause every guest to get up from their chair and join the party. We allow for an instant connection between guests of different ages and social groups. Our method makes sure that the guests (and the hosts) can enjoy their party with exciting energies that continue into the night!

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Our Story
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