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A one-of-a-kind lecture, you haven’t heard such talk before!

Shmulilk Goldbrener

Attorney and devoted family man, is the “a Markid” he will get u  dancing!


A funny sweeping and motivating talk, where you will experience how Shmulik turned “fun” into a career.

You will hear about:

• His “zesty” occupation

• His success and failures

You will hear about

• His courage and passion to do things differently

But most of all, you will hear and learn how he transformed joy into movement – and manages to get people moving and dancing.

An interesting story about a simple guy that grew up under difficult circumstances and yet decided that he can…!


He can make people dance! 

Through his story you will discover leadership, interpersonal communication, courage and passion or in other words the ability to call to action.

The talk/ lecture is suitable for

  • CEO’s & managers

  • salespeople

  • marketers

  • and anyone who feels the need to teach how to ״make people dance with you “

  • over 2,000 weddings

  • 1,000 firms and organizations

  • 4,000,000 were captivated &   danced an

  • 1,000 Bar/Bat Mitzvas 

  • 50 countries around the world

  • 01 TED talk

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